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It's possible to buy kamagra for only $0.98 in our store. This is astounding, especially when you consider how much this medicine costs on the street. Kamagra is an oral medication that is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Kamagra comes in a variety of mgms, which is why we only sell the mgm 100. This is the mgm that is most similar to the penis, and therefore most affected by the effects of ED.Kamagra 100 mgm can be taken for up to 30 minutes before and after exercising. This is known to be an effective dosage of 50 mgm, which is suitable for men of all abilities.When buying Kamagra, be sure to only buy from a source where the dosage is kept under medical professional supervision. This is because the dosage may not be as cheap as buying it off the street.About EDErectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which the male sex organs do not grow properly after menopause. The inability to achieve an erection helps to increase the chances of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs).ED can also be linked to poorer sexual health, as erection-related problems make it more likely that men will avoid engaging in sexual activity.ED can also develop in those who arent sexually active, but may still engage in risky sexual behaviors.When it comes to the effects of prescription medications, ED can often lead to risky sexual behaviors. Without question, these behaviors are risky sexual intercourse (see next question).The second most common sexual risk during a man who is sexually active is oral sex. In fact, in 2013, the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that half of all men who participated in a study to discover if they had ED. The FDA approved the drug Viagra to provide erectile dysfunction treatment of two-thirds of men who took part in the study.According to a 2013 study published in BJU International, nearly 30 percent of men who participated did experience erectile dysfunction during the six weeks of their treatment.Based on this, a small pill containing mgc was developed to help combat the side effects of Viagra. mgc is a synthetic derivative of cimetidine, the same drug used to treat Cushings disease in the U.S.The drug is said to improve blood flow to the mouth and reduce nausea and vomiting. The action of the drug is similar to sildenafil, the brand name medicine in Viagra pills.According to the FDA-approved use guidelines, mgc is properly used for:- psychological treatment-depression, anger, stress-relief from an emotional problem-physical problemsThe FDA-approved dosage for Viagra can be found on the medicine packaging and is 600 mg orally three times a day.Viagra is available in a variety of forms, including Viagra alpro pills, Viagra vera, and Viagra alpro. The main difference between these three forms of purchase is the price. The initial intent of the Viagra purchase was to obtain the medication in the cheaper form, which is not as effective, the Viagra will cost more.Presently, the most common Viagra form found at drug stores is a pill formulary, as this is the case with Viagra 100 mg. This is the generic form, and is the drug men can use in the United States. The problem is, the generic Viagra doesnt work the same way as it used to in the United Kingdom or the U.S. Its not unheard of for the medication to be off-label, and in some cases may have side effects.Viagra is not without risks, and even taking them may be associated with side effects. A study published in BJU International found that the number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) were significantly higher among men taking Viagra than those taking a placebo. According to the study, 21.5 percent of men taking the Viagra pill reported a new diagnosis of anterolateral prostate (ALS), compared to just 6.5 percent of those taking a placebo.MS is another side effect associated with Viagra. The medication can increase blood flow to prostate and can increase the thickness of that blood, which can lead to impotence. Though the risk of getting this condition is very low, its a good idea to speak to your doctor about it.Finally, although Viagra is commonly thought of as a treatment for ED, a variety of conditions related to sexual dysfunction have been found to take it. One study of 35 male ED patients found that medications to treat ED related to their condition were approved for them in the United States, but were not approved there yet. Viagra fills a gap, and if approved, this would open the way for doctors there to prescribe it. More information is needed before to allow the medication to settle in to help many men with ED.Prescription