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People asking - where to buy retin-a without prescription.Is it safe?Mineral supplements are generally safe when taken with other forms of care, including vitamin B12. They do contain vitamin B12, however. You need to take folate (retinol), which is available in the form of a supplement.Other sources of vitamin B12 include:- liver flukes- cheese- yogurt- milk- juice- cheese- eggs- nutsDehydrated adults may benefit much better than the U.S. FDA recommends. You shouldnst take more than 50 milligrams per day, but many doctors recommend no less than 30 mg.Optimizing your folate intake may help keep your folate level in check, and less than 50 mg on an as-needed basis.Optimizing your testosterone level may also occur, but more research is needed.Is it safe for prostate-users? If so, what can be done?The short answer is yes and yes. Scientists discuss the positive benefits of taking vitamin E; however there are no reported health problems associated with this practice.Some research has shown promise for sexual health, growth, and development.Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital found that a Mediterranean diet and exercise were associated with lower risk of heart disease and all-cause mortality.A Danish study looking at nearly 30,000 men found that men with a high level of physical activity were less likely to die in their 80s. Men who participated in physical activity programs were 20 percent less likely to avoid costly hospitalization due to chronic disease.Men who walked a better diet were 41 percent less likely to have their health problem addressed by a physician while men who only ate whole grains or fruits experienced increased risk of heart disease and stroke.The link between vitamin E and prostate health is well-established. Indeed, vitamin E has many potential benefits.One study showed that EKG blockers can help patients with prostate cancer.The drug inhibits the effects of a hormone that is produced naturally in the prostate called testosterone. The action of the drug is to prevent the erection loss that results from using a prosthetic device.