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People asking - where to buy xeloda without prescription.Xeloda (Xylocaine), also known as Sildenafil (Viagra), is a generic medicine that is legally available over the counter (OC/OTC). It is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It is also used to treat other conditions that affect the nerves that supply sexual response to the penis.Unlike prescription medications such as Viagra or Cialis (Cialis), which must be prescription-treated, generic drugs (mono- or one-off treatments for ED) are easy to get and can often be found on the Internet. You do not necessarily need a prescription to take these medications, and you do not have to buy your own. The only condition that must be met while taking the medication is that ED is present.There are two basic ways to get generic ED medications: Pan and injection sites. Pan sites are the least common-neighboring and least common-sources methods. This makes them the least costly, and therefore the least vulnerable to unforeseen problems.Xanax is an injected oral medication. This is how you get high with 50 mg of the active ingredient in the pills. The active ingredient in the medication is also Levitra, a synthetic testosterone shot.The generic version of the drug, Levitra Ultra, contains the same active ingredient (Xanax), but it contains the same amount of testosterone by using a shorter, more potent route.The generic Levitra is considerably cheaper than the street price of 600 to 800 dollars (P5.50 to 8 Euros).So what does all of this have to do with ED?The most common cause of ED is increased risk-taking. Those who arent in their present-day social environment will likely assume that they are more responsible than we actually are. Theyre not. Alcohol misuse, unsupervised time-outs in the car, and arguments with influential people can cause discomfort, anxiety, and even ED. Lifestyle choices as well as arguments with your spouse or family member on a personal level are also possible because lifestyle choices and conflicts with their permission are considered "ill-behaved."ED is often said to occur in the first couple of years of the sexual behaviors and conflicts of adolescence or young adulthood. Those times are not so kind to sexual well-being and are likely to spiral into ED when a man has trouble finding partners because of his sexual identity.The onset of ED tends to be sudden and painful. The inability to achieve an erection can be due to as many as four main reasons:- cardiovascular disease- heart disease- some type of blood-thinning disorder- type II diabetesED can also occur when blood flow to the penis is restricted. This often results from blocked tubes or arteries in the penis.Anxices who suffer from ED should either undergo a two-hour or more procedure to unblock the source of the ED. In some cases, the patient may have two or more of these procedures, often in a similar amount of time, often with very different outcomes.Once the procedure is completed, the patient is left with a restored erection, but without the full range of sexual sensations that a given condition would provide.At this stage, ED has a 50.7% chance of success.ED is preventable and can be prevented from age 50.ED is the inability to achieve an erection, achieve an erection in a variety of sexual positions, or achieve an erection that is sexual for a reasonable period of time.ED can affect any age group, and is most common in adolescents.The condition often develops out of adolescence or young adulthood. Causes can include:- a rare genetic disorder that causes the death of chromosome failure genes- liver or kidney disease- infections- cancer- a medical condition, such as a terminal cancer of the penis or throat- stressCan couples cure ED?Sexual function can be restored to a majority of men with treatment from both a medical and a emotional standpoint. The risk with ED treatment is low if a man has a rare genetic disorder that restricts blood flow to the penis. One study found a 50 percent chance of success for medication therapy in five. Other issues include a womans age when she first has symptoms, as well as the location and time of intercourse. A 1999 study in the American Journal of Diseases withiley found that ED was more common in women between the ages of 30 and 39.At the other extreme, a 2012 study in Urology reported that treatment for 30-year-old men, while difficult to cure, was possible.What about unaffected men? Sperm insemination (SIIs) can sometimes lead to an erection that can't have been caused by one. This isnt a good news/bad news situation. The good